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Star Wars Clip Art

This Star Wars Clip Art is perfect for school assignment, business presentation or your design inspiration. You can download and use this Star Wars Clip Art for personal, choose your favorite of Star Wars Clip Art and then click the thumbnail to find the download button;

Star Wars Literature

Surprisingly enough, books and comics based on Star Wars and its own figures pre date the launch of the first feature film in 1977. The novelization of the Star Wars history, acknowledged to George Lucas, but really written by Alan Dean Foster, premiered in 1976. This book was the first title established as a part of the Expanded Universe – the state name for any authoritative products that is none of the six feature films. The primary theme of this novel was to complete the chronology of activities between the images while also enlarging on activities that happened after and before the stories outlined in the pictures.

The vast majority of books composed as part of the Expanded Universe show were launched in the time of the original trilogy. In the late 80, many years after the newest film release, the literature offerings disappeared till the resurrection in the early 90’s. Shadow of the Empire chronicles the time passed between Episodes V and VI. Another new show that has made the Star Wars world popular again is the New Jedi show. The events in this series takes place two decades after the Return of the Jedi. There are several old figures as well as some recently established characters to maintain the storyline moving forward. The 3rd series still has books being published.

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